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If you saw and loved our last study on “Who You Say I Am” and learning that we are already enough for the God that we serve, you are gonna love this one even more! Introducing “Nunya,” our newest four week online Bible Study course full of faith, community and fun!

Nunya is the word we use in our family whenever our kids ask questions that are none of their business. It comes from the phrase, “None of your business,” and we learned it from the story in John chapter 21 where Jesus tells Peter to feed His sheep. Peter says yes, of course he will… but what about John?

Jesus asks Peter why it matters what John does at all, and basically explains that it’s none of his business. From that passage of scripture, we have created a lifelong culture in our own lives, that it doesn’t matter what anyone else does… we only need to lean in and listen to what God has for us and focus on that.

So we are now introducing “Nunya” to you all, and inviting you to take the journey with us to learn how to discover your personal calling and season of life that you are in…
and ultimately, how to own it.

Joining the “Nunya” Bible Study will give you access to our private online facebook group where you will find an incredible community of women whose primary goal is to learn more about Jesus and apply it to their every day lives. They are busy mamas, students, teachers and other seasoned women in the Lord, all showing up to learn and grow the best they can.

You will get a downloadable, printable study guide to help you through each week and each lesson.

You will have zoom access to join us live every Monday in March at 7pm, where we will go over each week’s lesson together, reading the verses, breaking them down, chatting about what God is showing each of us, and praying for one another.

If you can’t make the live sessions, you can always catch the replays and recordings whenever it’s convenient for you.

The community we have found in this safe space online is like no other, and we just invite you to share in all the goodness with us!


For just $25 you get all this goodness downloaded straight to your inbox all while bringing hope and healing for women with children who need a safe place to recover.


Here are some of our members from our “Who You Say I Am” study:




So no matter where you are in your journey and no matter how you Project: HOPE, the team at Consider the Fields has you covered. Let us know YOUR ideas for your favorite studies, and what you’d like to see in the future. Truly, we cannot do what we do without YOU!

Here’s why these ladies joined the Study

When we think about “treating ourselves,” we think candy, spa days, facials, etc.  I bought the “Who You Say I Am Bible Study” and THAT’S how to treat yourself! During Week Three we literally talked about how God needs us to sleep and eat… then sleep and eat. Tara leads by example by blaring out her hard things and creates a safe space for everyone to do the same. But it isn’t a gripefest, it’s a place of learning, growing, encouragement and strength. We get to lean on each other while learning who we are and how to use the tools God has already given us.


I LOVE this Bible Study because it breaks down scripture in a way that is easy to understand. The prompts make it easy to apply to your own life and encourage you to meditate on the word throughout the week! The studies are something every single person can relate to no matter what walk of life they’re in! 10/10 recommend!


I love the community that this Bible study has brought together. It is easy to feel alone in a hard season. This community of women and our time together as we dig into scripture about what God declares for us and over us has been so refreshing and so rewarding. We have discovered our army of passionate and fervent women with whom we can join arm in arm with and cheer each other on. I am so grateful for this study and the insight that Tara brings, giving us the tools to use in both our Christian walk and personal study time.