Join The Earring Club!

Our monthly subscription group, the Earring of the Month Club, was created to support our new non-profit, Project: HOPE! Project: HOPE exists to help mothers with children recover from addiction in a long term program in a safe, healing, faith based atmosphere, and 100% of the mission of our Earring of the Month Club goes directly to furthering our nonprofit Project: HOPE! (Learn more about Project: HOPE here.)

We have collaborated with the amazing Kristie Ritter to give you the very best in craftsmanship, creativity and beauty. Her attention to detail and her heart for our mission are just the icing on the cake.

She studies every one of our shirt designs and creates an exclusive pair of earrings to coordinate with our T-Shirt of the Month. How incredibly cool is that?!

As an Earring of the Month club member,  you will receive a sweet little package in the mail: One pair of exclusive earrings designed by Kristie Ritter for Consider the Fields and a card that tucks into a 4” x 6” frame you receive your first month, with the verse of the month printed on it!  You will also receive a downloadable PDF that you can print out and use as a devotional bible study on that verse of the month!

Every month is a new t shirt, and a new earring design that has never been released before from Kristie Ritter or Consider the Fields! 

For just $17 per month you get all these goodies shipped right to your door… all while bringing hope and healing for women with children who need a safe place to recover.

Want our brand new option where you get BOTH the T-Shirt of the Month AND the exclusive paired earrings?!

Get ALLLLLLL the info on that here!

Curious what types of earrings Kristie will be making for us?


Here are some of the earrings she has in mind for our Club!

So no matter where you are in your journey and no matter how you Project: HOPE, the team at Consider the Fields has you covered. Let us know YOUR ideas for your favorite tees and earrings, and what you’d like to see in the Club. Truly, we cannot do what we do without YOU!

Here’s why these ladies joined the Club

I’ve seen the worst side of the system & know that there are limited ways to repair it, but Project: HOPE is a step to help entire families stay together…not just foster care taking care of broken kids after they’ve been hurt. It’s a way of being involved in something that changes entire families. It’s a simple way to be involved in a complex problem.


Project: HOPE’s motto of “Everyone Can Do Something” empowers me to know that even a small action can make a great impact. Broken homes and families are such a large issue in our society. By joining the t-shirt of the month club, I know that I am supporting a powerful mission to bring hope and healing to these families and our community.


My why is because I see these kids. I cannot currently do much for them, but one thing I can do, is afford $27 a month, to a place where someone is working to change the system from the inside out. A place where someone is devoting their life to not only her own adopted kids, but the hundreds of thousands of others that still need help. I can do that.


Want our brand new option where you get BOTH the T-Shirt of the Month AND the exclusive paired earrings?!
Get ALLLLL the amazing details here!