Learn What The Bible Says about Rest

This free bible study covers what it truly means to rest. Dive deep into the word of God with me, plus get some practical tips for avoiding burnout in your life!

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    Study Matthew 11

    Have you ever thought about the commandment to “honor the Sabbath and keep it holy...” but wonder what it means to us today?

    Let’s study these passages about what it means to live a life that reflects rest in our Savior... and let’s allow what we learn to draw us closer to Him.

    Practical Tips

    After the study, I'll share some practical tips for avoiding burnout in your own life, so you can carve out more time to rest in God's presence and with your loved ones.

    Verse Tracker & Journal Prompts

    Using the printable tools, you can track the progress you are making with each new scripture and idea.

    If you have ever struggled with understanding God's Word, these tools will build your confidence in what you are learning.