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A Breakthrough While Playing Blocks

How I Saw A Glimmer Of Hope On A Tough Day

Little Sis has been with us nearly seven months now, and boy have we learned and laughed in that time.

Because of her multiple placements and situation before she came to us “forever”, we knew it would be a long haul before we really earned her trust and love. We purposefully stepped up our parenting game, making sure our word was true every minute, and if any plans had to change due to emergencies, life and just plain because, we explained in detail why plans were changing and what the next step was going to be.

It has been so challenging, I started wondering if we were ever going to make this happen “happily ever after.”

This rainy Saturday morning called for movies and every inside toy we could drum up. I decided we needed chocolate chip pancakes, so the kids decided they needed to play in the same ten feet I was making breakfast in.

They pulled out the blocks I had just inherited from my mother, that just happened to be from my grandmother, and this week we bittersweetly recognize the four year anniversary of when she left us. It altered the course of my life forever, and I reflected on all of it each time the kids played with those colorful cubes.

Challenges with Little Sis and grief over Gram’s passing got me thinking while I cooked, and I just kinda asked the Lord if we were ever gonna make it through this rough patch.

“You can come over into my kingdom,” Little Sis said to Caleb, my other son. “You just need to know the password.”

“Okay, what is it?” Caleb asked, typical boy style.

Without missing a beat, Sis replied using my four digit PIN number that I use for all grocery transactions and Netflix and iPhone subscriptions.

I smiled through my stress and mused over the little glimpse of the miracle merging.

She was here. She was melting into our family, becoming one of us. She was giving us the keys to enter into her kingdom, and the magic code was my PIN access to everything.

‘Scuse me while I keep on keeping on…



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