Don’t Fear the Grocery Pickup!!!

How I help you face your fears and ease your life in the best way ever.

I’ve never cared much about what other people said when it came to dissing Walmart. I mean, sometimes it hurt my feelings if they were snubbing the box box store, and I get it. To each their own. I just do my best to shop local in my community at every chance I get, but if you ever go inside the store itself, look at the billboard by customer service to show you how much money they have donated to local programs. It’s impressive.

As a busy mom juggling businesses and life in general, cue the pandemic and oh man, you should try it too. There is no other way you can pick up light bulbs, fresh apples, reams of paper and boneless skinless chicken for less than $2 per pound. Start here and save $10 now!

If you have followed our journey for a hot minute, you watched us grow our family from four kids to five and six within one year of time through foster care and eventually adoption. The transition was HUGE. Add in doctor appointments, counseling, visitation, specialists and case worker visits and I learned very quickly that something had to give.

Within a few months I did not even have the physical strength to load those groceries in to the cart, up on the conveyor belt, scan, bag, load back in the cart, push out to the van, load in to the van, drive home, unload in to the house, and into cabinets and fridges. It was exhausting. (Hello, ten pounds of apples and six pounds of bananas that don’t even last a week!)

So I tried Grocery Pick Up out of sheer desperation and I hope that you do, too. If you use my code, you can enjoy $10 off your first order from Walmart Grocery.

It really is so simple, especially now that they’ve merged both their store app with the grocery app. So a single app can now do two different jobs. Just pick the Pickup & Delivery option instead of the Walmart.com option. The same account works for both if you ever had one, and it takes two clicks to start one if you never have. Start here and save $10 now.

You can change your pick up location any time and see the times available for pick up right under that. You really can’t miss it and it really is that simple.

Watch these steps here:

Once you’re in, it’s pure magic. Type what you want and the options automatically populate. Sausage? You’ll see everything from Johnsonville Italian Sausage to Great Value Breakfast patties. Apples? You will see every kind from single picked Honeycrisp to 3 lb. bags of Granny Smith and Fuji. Bandaids, light bulbs, ibuprofen… it’s all there with options and clicks. You do need a $35 minimum order, but that is a non issue for me.

You just tap and type to your hearts content.

I used to drive 35 minutes to our closest pickup option store to get what we needed for the week, and by the time I drank my hot tea and listened to my favorite music or podcast, I had arrived and felt better already. By the time I got home, it was still less time than I would have taken in the store!

I’ve gone at all different times of day, when it worked for my family and my schedule. We’ve even done a pickup on a date night on the way home, just to check one more thing off the list for the next day and make sure we have food in the house for five minutes’ peace!

Their team is trained to pick the best produce and you can inspect it before you sign for it. I’ve never checked it and rarely had a problem. Once or twice I did want to complain so they would know to pay better attention (come on, sneaky rotten strawberries!), and two clicks on the app had me refunded the fruit, no questions asked.

If they do not have the brand or quantity you selected, they will substitute it with a better brand and/or a larger quantity. Quite a few times they have been out of stock for our regular 36 pack of string cheese, and will always substitute with 2, 24 packs at the original 36 pack price. And remember you can refuse any substitution with the click of a button at pickup.

Sometime during the pandemic our local store started offering pickup, so I no longer drive 35 minutes but 10. The time this has saved our family each week is phenomenal. I have trained our teens to put the app on their phones and add their toiletries to the order. Done.

We keep a paper list on a magnet on the fridge so as we run out of items we write them down. I have trained the younger kids to write what they want
on the paper as well, but if your kids are anything like mine, you’ll have to vette the list just a little. (Hint: they’ve written “dog” or “candy” on the list more than once. We are a work in progress.)

I meal plan in front of our weekly calendar with the paper grocery list next to me and my phone in front of me. As I add the items to the app, I cross them off the paper.

Life just keeps getting easier to manage at home as the kids have gotten older, and grocery pickup has been the biggest game changer so far.

Do yourself a favor and get your brave on and try this new thing today! I promise you won’t regret it, and $10 off is nothing to sneeze at.

Try it today and tell me what you think!

Enjoy $10 off your first order from Walmart Grocery by clicking here!

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