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Green Beans for a Party

Do you ever wish that you could go to a potluck event and have a yummy vegetable choice?

For those of us who are trying to eat healthy over the holidays (or any days!), it can be such a challenge to go all to the parties and events to find only sugar, carbs and all the other goodness that adds to our weight.

I decided that I wanted to come up with something that tasted good that would help keep me on track. I wanted to make sure there was enough for me, my family, and anyone else out there who wanted to make sure there was a veggie available at every fun event.

So I started making green beans.There is no secret or rocket science: you just add bacon and butter.

They have ended up being such a hit I have been asked to make them for weddings and other special occasions. (For the weddings, I do add some sliced almonds on the top to make it look pretty and special…)

So here is the simplest recipe ever of how you can bring a good and tasty side do you any party and make it better.

These directions are for a roaster, because that’s just how we roll, but you could easily half the recipe and put it in a regular size crockpot.It is so simple and so inexpensive and so tasty, you will be amazed and adding it into your permanent solutions list ASAP!

Directions for Green Beans for a Party

Order all these ingredients through your Walmart Grocery Pickup and you won’t have to lift a finger:

3 commercial size cans green beans, juices strained

3 sticks of butter

4 oz bacon bits

Sliced almonds (optional)


Slice one stick of butter and place it in the bottom of the roaster.

Pour one whole can of green beans across the bottom of the pan.

Add another stick of butter on top of that.

Repeat for the next two cans.

Top with bacon bits sprinkled all over.

Turn on roaster and cook on low 2-4 hours, or shorten the time at higher temps based on your roaster.

Stir often.

The beans are already “cooked” so you are just heating them through.

Top with almonds right before serving if choosing.


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