Foster Care

Little Sis Goes To School

Her First Day With Us, Her Fourth School in Two Years

There she goes, sweet sissy on her first day of school, (sort of) escorted by her brothers, one by blood, and one by the King who designed this crazy love story of a large, loud family who wanted to love some more kids in to a beautiful, wonderful life.

Please say a prayer for our beautiful girl today. She was so excited to go today, but as we went in, she was definitely a little nervous. So many wonderful people popped in to check on her and wish her well, and more than a few siblings sneaked a quick hello before classes started. But it still twanged my heart to walk out of that classroom and leave her there.

As I climbed in the van to drive away, I remembered hearing her brother sing as we got ready for school: “and she is coming to stay forever!” He was just so excited to have a piece of his life come together inside his safe place.

And I am just so privileged to see it all happen.

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