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Little Sis Turns Eight

My Thoughts How We Celebrated Our First Official Birthday With Our Girl

Tomorrow morning, the little girl that sleeps in my house will turn eight years old.

When I took her brother and my other kids and showed up at Chuck E Cheese a year ago to celebrate her birthday, I had no clue that she would be spending every other birthday of her life with me.

Here I am, running on fumes tonight, yet determined she will wake up to a sweet treat and fun tradition just like every other one of my kids.

As she lays sound asleep, growing and healing and hopefully dreaming sweet dreams, I call in my older kids to muffle their scuffles and get out any type of pink we can to get as much surprise factor as possible.

Pink or Blue, Which One's for You?

It has been a long and winding road, and we are walking this thing on as much faith and grace as we can muster and find.

I snap the photo to mark this space in time: one year ago I barely knew her, one year from now she will be my forever daughter.

Robert Frost was right; taking the road less traveled surely does make all the difference.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I promise to give you the best life I can. 


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  • Wallace Cornish
    Commented 3 years ago

    You folks simply amaze me!

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