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One Gallon of Boost Juice THM-FP

When single serve just doesn’t work for you, you go for the gallon.

I don’t remember the last time that I made something single-serve. As a matter of fact, even in my beginning early married days when it was just me and my husband and my bonus baby, his stepdaughter, it never occurred to me to make anything single-serve.

Probably because I got married so soon out of high school and college, my most vivid memories were of my parents cooking for so many people for the parties that we would host at my parents house. Holiday parties, graduation parties, and even just parties so they could keep an eye on their three teenage daughters… We were always cooking for so many people.

I have always been intrigued by the Trim Healthy Mama drinks. But they seemed like a far off, long lost goal that I could never obtain. I was barely surviving just making dinner for my family, never mind adding a drink that you had to create with the recipe outside of that. So I gave up. I told myself they were for other people, and I made myself content with that.

Living the pandemic and homeschooling my six children is coming to an end, and I feel the workload lessen a little more every day. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as we wrap up school projects and papers and tests and turn in the last of the file folders. It feels so good. My brain space is clearing. My headspace is clearing. And I still pretty much have to stay home, so why not tackle something new?

It all started with the smoothies that my daughter would make for me every day she woke up before me. They give life, and I found myself craving them every day. (Thank you, Abby!)

For so long before that, the only smoothie that I would drink is the kefir smoothie I made for myself some go-getter breakfast mornings. But when groceries got scarce and kefir did not come into the store for weeks, I kind of sort of gave up. Abby’s smoothie had no kefir, yet it was incredible. It also had baobab powder in it, and we were learning anything we could about boosting our immunity in the middle of the pandemic.

Then the strawberries ran out.

For weeks, we would try to order frozen strawberries off the grocery list, in for weeks we would get a cancellation notice. It was so sad.

It was time to try Boost Juice.

We had lemons and baobab and sweetener. Boom.

We waited until the kids are in bed, and I nervously slice the lemons and use the lemon squeezer for the first time. If you have never used one of those, it is the most empowering experience I have ever had. I felt like a professional chef and like the best secret keeper of all time. You just stick it in the hole in the contraption and squeeze. That’s it. Fresh lemon juice in to the gallon container.

The smell is incredible and life-giving. I felt like a purist. Except I am not.

After all the lemons were fresh squeezed, I just put the baobab powder and gentle sweet in the container, added water enough to mix it all, and then added ice and water to top off the container. The bottle of lemon juice is just for flavor – if you so choose you want it more tart.

I hope you love it as much as we do. It truly is an incredible drink, and you can feel the effects of it immediately. If you ordered boabab and it is still sitting unopened in your cabinet because you are not sure how to use it, this is a great way to get that package open and get your feet wet. You will not regret it. You will feel better immediately.

Here’s how I did it:

Gallon Size Boost Juice

9 lemons

1/3 c. Baobab powder

2/3 c. Gentle Sweet

Squeeze all lemons into a gallon size pitcher. Add both the Baobab Powder and the Gentle Sweet. Fill the pitcher with enough water to evenly mix all ingredients. Once they are mixed, add water and ice until the pitcher is nearly at a gallon. Taste and add more lemon or sweetener as desired.


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