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One Year With The Rainbow Sneakers

What We Learned With Little Sis

November 17, 2019

This day last year was the day Little Sis came to live with us. Forever.

(You can read about those posts here and here and here.)

It was the first full day the rainbow sneakers stayed in our house for keeps.

We signed the papers as foster parents but knew it was heading in to Forever.

We got to see her off to her first day to (another) new school, participate in a local parade, and be the ones to take her on a family vacation to Florida.

We have seen her through sibling visits and snow days and birthdays and good days and tough days and Gotcha Days.

The long and winding road has brought us to a new year.

On this one year anniversary, we have officially started the paperwork to adopt her and Little Buddy.

She is nearly grown out of the rainbow sneakers, but we are forever changed by bringing them into our home.

She has grown nearly two sizes in height, and is so tall and thin we shop til we drop just to keep clothes on her.

She has a belly laugh that is so contagious, especially when Tim tickles her as he tucks her in.

She tries so hard to understand the dynamics of our crazy, loving family, and my heart really aches for her when I see her struggle to grasp our cameraderie, standards, processes and traditions.

She challenges me daily in the Patience Department, as her overwhelmed face forces me to slow down and explain the “why” of things I swear she should have known.

She humbles me daily in the Heart Department, as I fight to control myself from saying anything that would bring guilt or shame or any feelings of inadequacy from something that is not her fault.

She amazes me daily in the Impossible Department, as I watch her learn and grow and show kindess and affection and compassion in ways that seemed impossible from the child that arrived on our doorstep.

One year in, and though we still have so far to go, there are very few and fading times I am reminded that it’s “only” been one year.

It mostly seems like forever, and I am so grateful for the wearer of the rainbow sneakers that God brought to my home, and my heart.

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