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Our Christmas Village from Dollar Tree

And what we thought about it

I wanted to get a few new Christmas decorations to add to the magic this year. It seemed every parade and tradition was getting canceled left and right, and my heart couldn’t take any more disappointment.

I found this Christmas Cobblestone Village online through the Dollar Tree, and the $13 price tag made it a no-brainer. I remember my mom purchasing “cheaper” supplies and decorations that we were allowed to play with when we were young, and then again when the grandbabies came around. That took the pressure off to worry about anything special breaking, or getting upset that some family heirloom was getting played with.

This Village was going to be that for me.

I ordered it online and had it shipped to the store for free. In less than a week I received an email that it was in store, so I planned my errands around running in there. My only regret is that I did not pick up those little push button LED tea lights they gave for two for $1 in store… they would be perfect to go inside the village buildings to light them up.

My kids did not seem to care at all. They loved the entire thing, and letting them play with it was a blast.

There were four buildings total, from a church to General Store, an antique shop and a pretty home.

There were carolers, naughty boys throwing snowballs, a super cute snowman, and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The park benches, lanterns and city entrances were moved approximately one thousand times as the kids set up different scenes. My personal favorite were the trees. They came in both green and white, stood tall and sparkly, and totally set the scene for the village.

Watching the kids have some freedom and fun with this little bit of early Christmas wonder was good for my heart. We totally got into it, cranking Christmas music and narrating the whole process. Each of the kids took turns with the camera and chatting with the comments. You can watch that video any time you need a little entertaining.

My take on this purchase: what a winner for $13! It’s going to come back out in a few weeks as we decorate for Christmas, and I will have zero guilt over what happens to it, plus achieve Mother of the Year status for letting my kids play with it as a toy.

I am going to make sure I grab those little battery operated tea lights before then to make sure we get the full affect of the village.

If you’re looking for some easy fun and creative memories with your kids and grandkids this year, click the link and get it started or click the Village photo below.

I may make a commission off of some things you purchase from my links, but the opinions are clearly ours and the entertainment is all yours.

If you want to watch the FB Live we did, click here.

I hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas, friends!❤️

If you want to see more of my favorite things at the Dollar Tree, click this link here.

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