Children’s Ministry 101 Handbook



Have you ever struggled with a team that wanted to be a part of Children’s Ministry but you didn’t know how to get them all on the same page?

Do you have a range of years-long veterans mixed with preteens all wanting to help in the program, and you just don’t know how to quite explain the heart of the ministry program to unite them all?

Maybe you have staff mixed with volunteers, and the variety of personalities and goals is getting the water really muddy?

That’s why we created Children’s Ministry 101.

It is the most basic and straight forward description of WHY we do Children’s Ministry coupled with HOW to do it the right way.

This easy-to-read and colorful approach to the fundamentals of Sunday School is fit for a team of youth all the way to your longest lasting Sunday School teacher. The content is powerful enough and engaging enough to see instant results in your team as you review it.

There are eight modules covered in this intro, ranging from basic setup of the program to safety conversations, and even a section addressing trauma and behavioral challenges in children. (Keep an eye out for our Deep Dive break down of this guide that will literally walk you through all the checkpoints of a healthy Children’s Ministry Program, coming soon!)

Children’s Ministry 101 is a basic guide to the heart of Children’s Ministry using a practical approach and focus on relationship. Every volunteer and team member can benefit from the teaching and training in this guide.

Purchase this handbook with the freedom to print off as many copies for your church as necessary at any time. The files are yours to keep and print as often as you like. They may not be shared outside your church and ministry, and if you ever need help with them you may contact us directly at tara@considerthefields.com. Once your purchase is complete, you will recieve an email with the PDF download and any further directions you may need. It will be ready for instant viewing and printing. Due to the nature of this digital product, no refunds can be issued, but please contact us at tara@considerthefields.com any time with questions or concerns.

Thanks so much for all you do for the littlest in the kingdom. We hope you love Raise Them Kind as much as we do!


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