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Welcome to our newest online Bible Study, affectionately called Nunya, a four week online Bible Study course full of faith, community and fun!

Nunya is the word we use in our family whenever our kids ask questions that are none of their business. It comes from the phrase, “None of your business,” and we learned it from the story in John chapter 21 where Jesus tells Peter to feed His sheep. Peter says yes, of course he will… but what about John?

Jesus asks Peter why it matters what John does at all, and basically explains that it’s none of his business. From that passage of scripture, we have created a lifelong culture in our own lives, that it doesn’t matter what anyone else does… we only need to lean in and listen to what God has for us and focus on that.

Joining the “Nunya” Bible Study will give you access to a study where the primary goal is to learn more about Jesus and apply it to your every day life. There are busy mamas, students, teachers and other seasoned women in the Lord, all showing up to learn and grow the best they can.

You will get a downloadable, printable study guide to help you through each week and each lesson.

You will get weekly emails with YouTube videos walking you through the study guide and helping you answer questions, learn and grow.

You will always own the recordings and have unlimited downloads to the PDF so you can access and do the study whenever it’s convenient for you.

The best part? 100% of the profits from our Bible Study go directly to fund Project: HOPE, our new non-profit we have established to help mothers with children recover from addiction in a long term program in a safe, healing, faith-based atmosphere.

$25 gets all of these goodies instantly downloaded to your inbox… and makes the world a better place right here in our neck of the woods.

So grab this online package and get started instantly in the study that helps us understand our calling and season more every day.



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