“Raising Boys, Respecting Men” Online Bible Study Course



Welcome to our newest online Bible Study, Raising Boys, Respecting Men, a four week online Bible Study course full of faith, community and fun!

Somewhere along the line, we have created a world that leaves women baffled at how to raise these sweet, testosterone-filled creatures called boys, and stumbling to understand and respect the men in their lives.

They know in their heart of hearts that these men and boys are good people with good intentions… so then why is it so hard to raise the little ones and respect the big ones???

They are not wrong, they are just different.

So join us in our first ever online Bible Study video course unpacking this mindset!

Once you purchase your Bible Study Course, you will receive an email with an instant printable download of a beautiful devotional in PDF form. Print it out before we start our study and use it each week as we learn together!

You will also recieve a separate email with a welcome message and a video on how to use your devotional. Dive right in and start watching, or keep that email hanging in your inbox until you are ready to go. Either way, you will have everything you need to get started instantly!

Every week for the next four weeks after that, you will recieve another email including the link to the next week’s video. It will also have the other video content in case you missed it, and your original PDF link if you need to access a new copy any time. Each lesson has its own video link lasting 20-25 minutes, and using the guide directly with the video will walk you through this study as easy as anything!

You will find weekly check-ins and encouragement all throughout your four week journey, and the guidebook itself is designed with daily prompts for you to study all different talking points and supportive scripture related to the lesson throughout each week. There is even a weekly calendar to jot your thoughts and verses down, as well as room for two different days of journaling and prompts for that in the days in between.

So feel welcome to do as much or as little as you like with this study! The opportunities to grow deeper in the Word are endless, but we have also made it super easy to consume the content just by listening while you’re driving or folding laundry or closing your eyes for a minute.

You have access to this content for a lifetime, so you can go back and listen to any of the videos and use the study guide again at any time you like.

There is no better time or way to dig deeper in to God’s Word, and we cannot wait to see you on the other side!


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