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Sprouted Hot Dog Buns For Life

I am that girl.

I am that girl that Googled “sprouted hot dog buns” in desperation.

I am that girl that panicked at the thought of the upcoming camping trip and how she would stay on plan. (Trim Healthy Mama term for eating a healthy food diet, on plan.)

I am that girl that thought about the hot dogs on the grill and how I would hardly be able to stomach one without a bun. And not just any bun. You know what bun I’m talking about. The white, enriched, bleached hot dog bun that absorbs al the hot dog grease and fat and balances everything out.

Everything except my weight loss goals and healthy eating habits.

So I panicked. And Googled.

And Google brought me straight to Angelic Bakehouse, and all my problems disappeared.

There on the website was EVERYTHING sprouted. Crackers, pitas, hot dog and hamburger buns… they even had sprouted taco shells, for cryin’ out loud!

[And for those of you who want to understand what the big deal about “sprouted” is, in quick layman’s terms, it basically means they take the same wheat that we would eat in any type of bread and give it a chance to start sprouting before baking with it. During that sprouting process, the wheat becomes less of a tough carb on your system and more like a vegetable. So if you are trying to watch your carbs and be gentle to your blood sugar, anytime you see the word “Sprouted” you can be sure you are headed in the right direction. Pairing a carb like that with a low fat protein like chicken sausage or turkey burgers will actually help you lose weight in the healthiest possible way.]

So anyways, I Ioaded my cart, ordered those babies, and waited to get that goodness in my life.

They have coupon codes and text opt ins for even more discounts, so go ahead and grab those if you like. They also have a free shipping option if you spend more than $30, so I just went for that.

Then they gave me a coupon code for $10 off if you want to order. And, I get one, too!

So, call it genius marketing or pyramid schemes galore, but I just had to share the goodness with you.

Click on this link right here to get you to their site and get your $10 off. 

And as for me, I will be enjoying my grilled chicken sausage in a sprouted bun under the stars with my kids, not feeling like garbage after I eat it all and not putting on ten pounds during the camping summer of a lifetime.

If you want to learn more about how we do Trim Healthy Mama in our house, visit this link here for all the blog posts I have filled with recipes, time hacks, grocery ideas and more as we figure out how to eat better, do better, live better and love better.


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