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Ultimate Chicken Fingers and Chicken Patties THM – E

Tasty traditional kitchen fun!

I have been craving KFC for weeks, but between pandemic issues and waistline issues, I needed a plan to make a better choice.

When the sweet potato fries came in the Grocery Order Pick Up without getting canceled, I took it as a sign from the Lord to go ahead and get it done.

First try. Absolute success. Going in the books today. Enjoy.

Ultimate Chicken Fingers and Chicken Patties

Coats 5 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken, butterflies and sliced the way you like.

2 c. Ground oats. (This means you scoop oats in to a coffee grinder until they are a flour like powder that fills two cups.)

1 Tbl. Garlic powder

2 Tbl. Onion powder

4 Tbl. Paprika

2 Tbl. Seasoned salt

Mix all seasonings and put in a baking dish. Take another baking dish and pour egg whites in the bottom. Have your cookie sheets lined with parchment paper and spray coconut oil on cooling racks on top of them. Set up a system like the photo here:

Take one piece of chicken and dip both sides in the egg whites. Take the coated piece and flip both sides in the seasonings. Set on baking rack.

Repeat these steps until all chicken is coated and placed on the sheets.

Bake at 425 for 25 minutes until cooked through.

Serve with on plan sweet potato fries and a non-starchy veggie for a great E dinner.

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