Big Family Fun

Bringing up Boys

When you “accidentally” become a BoyMom.

I never imagined I would have four boys. (and two girls.)

I remember the day I called my mother after leaving the ultrasound for Drew. We were having a boy.

“What are we gonna do with a boy?!” She wailed to me.

“I don’t know!!!!” I wailed back.

I had two sisters my whole life and that was that. My mother took us shopping, did our nails, taught us to love and respect my dad and his endless hours of hard work and sacrifice, and that was that.

Marrying Tim and living so closely to the male species for the first time in my life shook everything I’d ever known. I was convinced I’d married an alien. Then we had Drew. I started to wonder if they were all like this.

Then came Shiloh, Caleb and Liam.

Somewhere in between we took Dr. Dobson’s course “Bringing Up Boys” and I finally made peace with the fact that this strange species was meant to be admired and respected rather than squished in to my ideas and parameters of what they should be.

Every day I figure out more and more who I am as I let my boys become who they are meant to be.

Moments like this one remind me all over again that my plan for my life is nothing compared to God’s.

My cup runneth over, and my blue headphones are tuned to that sound that helps me understand who they are meant to be in Him, and I will use my blue megaphone to speak to them in the best ways I know how.

I don’t wail with my mother any more, wondering what we will do with our boys.

Instead, I wonder at how God will use our boys for His glory.

And it is well with my soul.????

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