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The Hammock We Are In Love With

Our new favorite family fun.

It is no secret that this pandemic/quarantine/stay at home orders/whatever you wanna call it has caused many new challenges that we have never faced before.

For the Wall Homestead, I can say that many new great things have come out of these challenges so far. Many difficult things for sure, but also many new great things and many new great memories.

My teenager Drew was able to start his own checking and savings account right at the beginning of the pandemic. We had to do it online on a Saturday morning and it took several phone calls and a week for the debit card to come in, but the way he over took Amazon purchasing and shopping online made us have to give him his own checking account: he was severely messing with our Every Dollar budget app online.

One of the first things that he purchased was a hammock. I’m kind of glad he did not tell me about it ahead of time, because I probably would have shot him down and told him not to bother, it would be too cheap, it wouldn’t be worth it, he would never use it, he would leave it out in the rain and it would be ruined… Blah blah blah, all the things. He probably would’ve ordered it anyways, but I do not want to be a naysayer when he is learning so many lessons about money and who he is.

Once it came in, I was still skeptical and I was once again glad that I kept my mouth shut. Within minutes, he had it assembled and outside, hanging between two beautiful trees and laughing at his victory.

That started a chain of ordering online that I have never seen with my children. Abby immediately turned around and ordered one for herself in her favorite blue color, our friend Mary who is staying with us also got one online to match, our 10-year-old Shiloh paid Abby to order one for him, and Caleb our seven-year-old promised to pay Drew back with his allowance, so his is on its way as well.

Abby has secretly ordered Kymber’s in pink and purple for her, and that will come as a surprise sometime next week. They are all talking about camping and adventures across the road on our other property, and I just can’t help but think that they are living their best life.

The laughter and adventures and flipping and twisting and resting and reading and camaraderie and bantering that has happened in between all these hammocks has truly, truly warmed my heart. I am so glad that I did not shut this thing down.

They are good quality, brightly colored, and so easy to assemble that my 10-year-old can do it by himself. They come with a storage bag, and some even come with a mosquito net for a few dollars more. They have all taken them down on their own, and assembled them on their own. If you are a mom, you know that is a miracle.

Sitting around the kitchen table tonight, the kids were asking Tim to take them on a camping adventure as soon as possible. He smirked a little bit and told them to order him a hammock online as well. Of course we have two tents in our possession, but we all know that a hammock for Tim will be in our Amazon cart tonight, as well as one for our last Mohican, Liam.

If you want the two person option that also comes with a mosquito net, you have to choose this one here:

I share this all with you because I would have never known what to order or how. I would not have known what was good quality or what was going to work for our children. These have been such a blessing in such a crazy time, I just had to share them with you. Every one of the kids’ choices were 25 bucks or less, and I don’t know how you can beat that kind of memory won in time for that kind of money.

And I am so grateful to be able to share it with you all.

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