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Holiday Gift Guide Planner & A Little PSA

Use our free printable Gift Guide to help you plan for the best holiday yet!

All things merry and bright are right around the corner if you just follow our easy plan to get you on track for shopping and gifting all the things.

Click the link below to get yourself headed to Holly Jolly Lane.

Holiday Gift Guide Planner


I am gonna keep sharing this until the cows come home because THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!

My friends, get your Christmas shopping done NOW!!!!

Choose LOCAL.


Choose JOY.

We know the holidays are not ALL about gifts, but they are a wonderful way to show our people how much we love them.

And is there anything better than seeing our kids witness the magic of Christmas?!

How about the face of a local store owner because you chose them to shop with for the holidays???

Grab a paper, get a list, and get shopping!

You have so much power to choose your holiday magic. Choose your gifts. Choose where your dollars go. Choose now.

And know we truly wish you a Merry Christmas. In every way.

Starting today!

A Little Info Explaining the Shortage We Are Facing

Have you all seen and heard about the cargo ships waiting in the ocean outside California? Every day there are more and more, and there are a million reasons why they cannot come in.

There are worker shortages, inflation issues, and mandates restricting the ports to name a few reasons.

The point of it all is that the holidays are going to look very different this year.

Whenever something happens that challenges me in my life, I try to stop and ask the Lord what He is trying to show me in that moment. For better or for worse, and least I get an honest answer, and eventually as I walk through it, I get the breakthrough.

So when I realized what the world around us is going to look like very soon, I asked the Lord what was going on, and what I could do about it.

Since the 2020 pandemic, He has immediately responded the same thing over and over again: “I am revealing men’s hearts.” This has both challenged me, frustrated me, and simultaneously broken my heart. I mean, I am so grateful to get rid of anything that does not belong in my heart if it brings me closer to the Lord, but I am heartbroken for the state of this world. The harvest is here, and the laborers are few…

So I heard that statement immediately, reminding me He is ultimately after our hearts. My next thought went to Christmas, and the beauty and wonder and magic of it all. How a tiny baby came to turn the world upside down. How a King humbled Himself beyond comprehension, sacrificing His most precious gift to save us all. How Heaven touched Earth in one sacred moment.

How can we learn from it all, keep what matters, and grow from it?

My response is to go back to basics, love what matters, and listen for that Still, Small Voice.

What do we see the most about the Proverbs 31 woman?

She had a plan for EVERYTHING so she feared NOTHING.

She looked to the future, knew the next season coming, and acted accordingly.

And we can do exactly the same, my friends.

I sat down and created this holiday planner in response to the upcoming panic and upset I see coming down the pike.

And it’s not because material gifts are everything about Christmas, but there is something magical about the way children adore that part. Not the materialstic ways, but the mystery and excitement of getting a gift.

Could you imagine a Christmas where you did not have a gift for someone you loved?

That is my motivation.

Let us start now. Let us think about those we love now. Let us plan on how best to serve them and show them we care.

Let us think about the power of our dollars. Let us think about the power of choice. Let us think about the meaningful gifts that fit our loved ones needs and personalities and bring them joy.

That is the Light and the meaning of Christmas.

There are local store owners you probably haven’t visited in months that would shout for joy over your purchases this season. Make time to go to them and try to spend your dollars there.

And when you feel that panic rise up in you, may I give a gentle reminder to turn it into prayer and action?

Channel that feeling and turn it in to a plan.

Make decisions now that will get rid of your stress for the future.

Know that I am rooting for you, and our gift guide is right here for the taking if you need that holiday cheer and planning. And may I suggest shopping our store any time you are looking for amazing gifts for the people you love?

We are those people that LITERALLY do a happy dance every time we see an order.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

Let’s make it the best one yet.


Holiday Gift Guide Planner


Shop our store clicking the link above any time!


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