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Use Our Free Printable To Say “Thank You” To Our Mail Carriers, Package Delivery Friends, and Super Heroes This Holiday Season

Is any one else noticing just HOW MUCH mail we are sending this year?

Packages, online shopping, all of us trying to stay home, trying to stay safe, and trying to keep Christmas magical is making SO MUCH WORK for the postal companies.

I did notice Amazon creating an option to select less packages and combining deliveries, amen and hallelujah.

But we have friends that work in the post office industry, and they are on mandatory seven day work weeks until after Christmas. Their vehicles are overloaded and their routes are extended because they can’t even fit it all.

I realized that they are front lines essential workers, too.

So I decided to make this easy printable to put in my front porch flower pots. You can print it smaller and tuck it in as a card with a holiday gift, or print it full page for your porch.

Print, laminate, tape a ruler or yard stick to the back, stick it in your flower pots. Add it to a bin with snacks and drinks for them as they go.

In a world where we all need to see more kindness, this a simple and easy way to do that.

Just click the “Download” button that is next to the words “Postal Thanks Printable”


Update: Here is what we did when we got home:

Here is the story behind it:

Tonight I told my eleven year old son that he could not play the Xbox after dinner.

It’s not that I wanted to be mean or rude or a bad mom, I just didn’t want him gaming on a screen right before bed (he has trouble sleeping sometimes), and I just wanted MORE out of tonight.

He didn’t complain at all when I told him “no,” but he seemed a little lost.

I showed him the printable I had made at work that day, and explained what I wanted to do for our postal workers. He lit up and jumped in.

While I changed into comfy clothes, he collected water bottles, granola bars, candy canes and Capri Suns.

Together, we taped and drew and collected and arranged.

Together, we chatted and assembled and loaded and rearranged.

Together, we problem solved and brainstormed ideas and troubleshooted the setup.

We even held an impromptu photo shoot together, complete with photo bomb.

As we finished our project for the night, I realized we won.

We won at life, we won at home, we won at all the important things.

None of the other stuff matters right now.

If you want to spread a little holiday cheer for our front lines delivery magic crew, here’s our printable sign we used.

Here’s hoping your days are merry and bright, and you spread kindness like confetti, every where you can.❤️

Get the Amazon version here: