Such a cute and fun craft here!

Making crafts can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have too little time and too much stress.

Use our simple guide here to get these super cute Reese’s pieces Congratulations Boxes to turn out great in no time!

What You’ll Need:

-Candy Boxes

-Printing Paper

-Colored Cardstock


-Glue or Tape



Buy as many boxes of candy as you need.

Use our printable to get quick and easy results. (There are 5 on one page.) Print as many as you need and cut to size.

Click here if you need the printable again.

Grab some colored construction paper or cardstock, using any colors you like for your project and your kids.

Lay one box of candy on the colored paper you chose and draw a line around the entire edge. This will give you a cutting line that will match your box perfectly.

Take your cut printable words and glue or tape them to your cut colored cardstock.

Grab some nearby ribbon and tie the paper on to the back of the candy box.

Repeat for as many kids as you have and need.

That’s it! You have a Super Cute, Fun and Easy Crast with Big Impact to Celebrate their Special Day!

Thanks for coming along with me!

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