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Making a Trimmy Easy

And taking it easy on yourself.

It can be so hard to jump on board the THM bandwagon. It’s a new way of thinking, a new way of grocery shopping, and a new way of cooking and baking. It can all seem so new, new, new that it’s too overwhelming and you give up before you even start.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Trim Healthy Mama is made up of common sense principles. If you’re a believer, there are even biblical presets you can learn about and implement. It’s truly incredible.

One of the greatest ways I’ve found to help myself implement some healthy changes in my life is to put them in plain sight.

The Trimmy Coffee is a super easy way to get yourself some much needed nutrients alongside your caffeine boost for the day.

But who in the heavens wants to fumble around for all the ingredients BEFORE that first cup of coffee?!

SOLUTION: Put the ingredients in plain sight.

Now, I have very limited kitchen counter space for the number of people in my home, so that real estate is PRECIOUS to me. And with four boys ages 7-15, fragile items are not a viable option. But a girls gotta have SOME sparkle and shine in her home…!

Enter my jars.

Two were leftover from a canister set from years past, probably a TJ Maxx find that survived soccer balls and cleats and everything in between.

Two more were from the Walmart home and kitchen canning section. The shadowed brown glass went perfectly with my orange ones, and so I started filling those babies to my hearts’ content.

I used simple ribbon and tags so I would not confuse my collagen and protein powder.

I kept the measuring scoops inside each jar because #dollartreesavessanity.

And once I added my favorite base from my mom (remember the girl-sparkle-shine comments above?), I was ready to barista my way to healthy.

Since the MCT Oil is pretty-but-not-so-pretty, I usually store it in the drawer below with my truvia. But you get the drift.

You will be A LOT more inclined to use your new, scary, life-changing ingredients if they are right in front of you at the ready.

Just try it. One day at a time, one change at a time.

And that Trimmy will thank you. Or is it, your body will thank you for that Trimmy?

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