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Moving Little Sis In

Originally Posted November 5, 2018

Don’t look for me in the office today, there is no TNT green in sight… only pink, glitter, sparkles and a trace of pale blue…

It’s a girl!

The first of the boxes with our sweet new girls things have been delivered. With coffee brewing and Pandora blasting, a group message to my mom and sisters going, I have the privilege of sorting it all out.

Pajamas, sweaters, shoes and coats. Pink, purple, rainbows and kitties.

Welcomed in the house to balance all the blue, black, nerf guns and stomping noises. There are many more giggles and happy screams when she is here: a few more tattles and tears, but so much more love, multiplied.

My heart is bursting today as I take on this task. The jobs no one thinks of when you imagine a child coming in to your home forever, but necessary nonetheless.

Today I stay out of the office to organize another chapter of our life we are about to celebrate. A new life is being created, and a new journey is starting.

It’s a girl!

Arriving soon. And we are so, so blessed.

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