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Where did that name come from?


When we were adopting two of our kids from foster care, we realized that was going to put me at home with six kids between the ages of six and sixteen.

Between appointments and school and the shenanigans of life, I knew I was going to need to adjust my job to work from home or at least be flexible to be available for them.

I had already been phasing out of one of our other businesses that we had built from the ground up especially because of all the foster care appointments and counseling and therapy, but it was a very real question we had to answer in our family. (Did I ever tell you about the time Tim fired me from that job??? That’s probably another post for another day, but I just thought I’d let you know it happened, in case you ever thought we were the cutest couple ever or something…) 😉

So all that to say I felt so strongly about Proverbs 31 and how she works so hard in the business world and the marketplace.

Consider the Fields comes from Proverbs 31:16 where she considers a field and buys it, and with the fruit of that she plants a vineyard.

I knew that I knew that if I started Consider the Fields, I would be sowing seeds that would make fruit to build a vineyard for our family and our community.

So the store itself makes money, and that’s what pays for our nonprofit that we are building that will help women recover from substance abuse and addiction with their children, called The Project Hope Foundation.

Project:HOPE (Healing Opportunity Purpose Education) is designed to meet each woman at the point of need, addressing every roadblock and challenge they face as individuals, using a community-based, ministry-oriented background.

You can learn more about it here: https://projecthopeishere.com

If the children have already been removed from their home, we will work them through their safety plan to get the kids back to their mamas.

This is why the brick and mortar element is SO important to the vision of the store: the women need a purpose as they begin their recovery journey, and the store is designed to do just that: give them a place to go to every day in between appointments and classes where they can learn basic life skills under the guiding hand of team members who can run the store and walk these women through their healing.

Our hope is for the women in the program to eventually be the ones making the earrings, designing the t-shirts, pouring lattes and praying for our customers. Helping them to find their purpose and calling in Jesus will be the greatest pivot to their healing foundation.

Tim is working on a plan for the men as well but we have a lot of ground to cover in front of us on the way there…

That is what you are sowing into when you support Consider the Fields. It’s about so much more than happy mail and cute t-shirts and earrings… it’s about becoming a part of a vision that is set to bring hope and healing to our community, and you are SO invited.

We are grateful to have you along our journey, and cannot wait to see what God does with it all!

So much love,


Originally written and posted Easter 2016.
Easter morning would be an appropriate time to read the story of the resurrection, I think. So this morning, I did, in all four gospels. I smiled at the familiarity of some of it, and re-read some places that I have not recalled. One thing repeatedly stood out to me through it all: the women who went to the tomb. They loved the Lord with their whole hearts, worshipped Him, and were grieving for Him… So much so, that they could not even recognize Him as He came to comfort them. Their hearts were so pained by their hurt and grief, the horror they had seen of an innocent man being traitored and murdered… they could not see clearly, the Son of God Himself.

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