A Love/Hate Ode to the gigantic fruit of summer.

Am I the only person in the world that loves to spoil my kids with watermelon…

But I absolutely, positively hate cutting the watermelon?!

It is so big, it takes up all the room in the refrigerator until you go to eat it. And of course you need to have it chilled before you eat it.

Total conflict.

So you have to time it with the space in your fridge and the grocery store pick up and when you plan on eating it.

Super frustrating.

Then the manpower to slice the entire thing.


Then the sticky sweet drip all over the kitchen counter, all over my hands and the knife handle, somehow leaking under the cutting board, even onto the floor so I hear the dog licking the floor forever.


Then a container to fit it in, secretly hoping the kids will inhale the spare, awkward pieces before I feel guilty about the waste.

Super annoying.

So here I stand, pajamas still on, hot mess hair, make up from the night before…

Sticky and sweet and trying to love my kids well.

All with a gigantic fruit that says party, fun, summer, pool, sun, laughter and memories.

Is this a thing, or did I just make it a thing?

Is there a certain way to slice a watermelon that makes life better?

Asking for a friend.

I had a few friends suggest these watermelon-cutting solutions just in case you feel anything like me and want to stop the insanity. I will be trying these myself and reporting back to my Team Watermelon Crew.

  1. Straight up Sally Sue Cutting Technique: You just want to learn how to do it the good old fashioned way. The way Gram would have done it, barefoot and quick-witted in the kitchen with just her muli purpose magical kitchen knife. Well, here you go. https://www.delish.com/cooking/a21973640/how-to-cut-watermelon/?fbclid=IwAR2xsq8O9QQ7UI8Omj_fE_Jj_8VBbVLvqOl8LR9bCb6RSGnG69mPhdN1aEg

2. Drive Through Sue: For the sake of sanity, you just buy it at the store already cut up and packaged, ready to eat instantly. Done and done.

3. Easy Ally and Guilt Free Gertrude make watermelon balls using a melon baller scoop and calling it done. This is an awesome way to get it done while sparing insanity, ESPECIALLY if you have Littles in your home.

4. Adventurous Annie over here made me so excited to try this new gadget: a watermelon slicer!!! I never even knew this existed!!! I will be reporting the results back to you, I am so stoked to try it. It looks like such little food waste, and so safe that even the kids could do it… stay tuned for this one… it is ON THE WAY!!!!

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