Raising Generals Kids and Family Devotional



Fighting for a healthy family culture can seem like a constant swim upstream.

Instilling strong morals, sibling kindness and healthy relationships can seem to disappear when life gets too busy.

That’s why we created “Raising Generals.”

This course is designed to take six weeks, with a 15-20 minute lesson five days of each week.

You can gloss over it as quickly as you like or dig as deep as you want to go, but every page is designed with nuggets of lessons, talking points for big life questions, scripture to back it up, and fun activities for kids ages 6-12.

Topics such as Minding Our Own Business, What Love Looks Like, Pride Comes Before A Fall, The Lord’s Prayer, and The Truth Will Make You Free will bring lots of conversations up with lots of opportunities to practice life lessons from a biblical worldview.

Every week starts with a Parent/Teacher copy of the lesson plan, followed by a separate activity page for each child. You can print off as many activity pages as you like for multiple kiddoes in the home.

“Raising Generals” is designed for the most beginner of teachers to easily understand and work through each lesson. As each teacher feels more comfortable with the children and material, there is no limit to the amount of engaging and praying and training that can happen in each setting. Older siblings may love to do this with younger ones for an even greater family effect.

We also have a Children’s Ministry Training Guide and Curriculum based on these same concepts in our store should you ever need tools to help your church team better understand the purpose and heart of Children’s Ministry and have similar content to back it up.

Purchase this curriculum with the freedom to print off as many copies for your family as necessary at any time. The files are yours to keep and print as often as you like. They may not be shared outside your family, and if you ever need help with them you may contact us directly at tara@considerthefields.com. Once your purchase is complete, you will recieve an instant download as well as an email with the PDF download again and any further directions you may need.

It will be ready for instant viewing and printing. Due to the nature of this digital product, no refunds can be issued, but please contact us at tara@considerthefields.com any time with questions or concerns.

Thanks so much for all you do for the littlest in the kingdom. We hope you love “Raising Generals”¬†as much as we do!


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