How God Answered My Most Sincere Prayer… about T-shirts…

My Dear Friends,

I need you to take a good look at the photo I posted at the top of this email.  It’s a screenshot of part of my launch plan from the last T-shirt of the Month Club subscription launch.The week before the launch, I was organizing all the ways to reach our people to get them to join the club. I used my launch calendar to stay focused and making sure I was covering all my bases. As I was working, I sat back and prayed for a minute that God would help me to know what to believe for. If you wanted to watch a video on my take during that week, click here.

I stared at the word “Goal” on the paper, and without really thinking much more about it I wrote out “20 subscriptions.”  Somehow in my mind, I thought that was doubling last month subscriptions to this one. The number felt right, and I just really felt like I had to have it down on paper as I worked.

A few days later I realized I had made a mistake in my calculations for subscriptions, that we really only had 8 paid members, so to double that would be 16. I was a little embarrassed and a little flustered, because I really felt like 20 was my magic number.

Suffice it to say, I was just a little disappointed when I went to bed the night the Cart was closing. We had doubled our subscription to be sure, exactly doubled our numbers to 16 total subscriptions. But I was sad because I wanted more, and I wanted the original number I was believing for because it seemed so much bigger and so much better, even though it was sort of a mistake.

Still, I forced myself to be content and put on a brave face and thanked God for how far we had come.

The next morning, I woke up to more orders that had come in through the night… and as I came into the office for T-shirt making day, I glanced at the paper from the first numbers I had mistakenly believed for. We made it! We reached the first goal, the bigger goal, the one I was afraid to believe for!

So I just remain so incredibly grateful for the miracles we are seeing right before our very eyes, and I can’t help but shout it out for the world to hear! He truly does give us the desires of our hearts!!!

This means we will be able to send our shirts off to a local printing company to be made there next month. I cannot tell you the time and stress that will relieve, and yet even MORE profit will go straight back to fund Project: HOPE, which is the best part of all.

To Join the Wait List for our T-Shirt of the Month Club, CLICK HERE!

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