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The BEST Chili Seasoning, EVER!!!

All Natural, THM Approved Ingredients!

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Our house goes through chili like crazy. It’s super easy to make, less ingredients than you can count on one hand, and you look like the Pioneer Woman once you serve it when you barely did anything to it.

I used to buy those packets you can get in the store, but as our family grew, at one packet per pound of meat, we soon broke the bank in seasonings.

Fast forward a few more years and I learned about the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle and staretd reading labels. The preservatives in those packets is NOT what you want to eat as often as we were!

So, in an effort to fix both our budget AND our health, I doctored a recipe you can make so easily you won’t miss the packets at all.


The Very Best Chili Seasoning
Serves approximately 3 pounds of meat.

6 T. Paprika
5 t. Oregano
2 t. Cumin
2 t. Turmeric
2 t. Garlic Powder
1/4 t. Cayenne pepper
2 t. Pink Himalayan Salt (or more to taste)

That is how simple it is.

Mix it all up in your favorite kitchen bowl and either store it in an air tight container or, if you’re anything like me, you are making it just so you can throw it in tonight’s dinner ASAP.

Melissa and Doug

It really is a beautiful sight to make your own seasonings from scratch, and knowing that you are eating EXACTLY what you made can really make a mama feel good.

(Side note about the salt: my favorite type is the Trim Healthy Mama Pink Himalayan Salt, but when I made this chili for you at the time of this post, I was clear out. Regular table salt will make this chili taste great just the same, you will just be missing out on the nutrients from the Pink Himalayan Salt in that batch of chili.)

To make the easiest Trim Healthy Mama chili, click my recipe here once you’ve got your seasonings mixed up!

See you over there!


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