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The Best Crossover Nachos You Ever Had – THM XO

So Easy It’ll Be TOO Worth It!

Nachos are just something so good, you can’t believe they could be that easy to make. The kids love them, my husband loves them, and I personally feel like I’m cheating at Life, because it looks like junk food but on one sheet pan is such goodness you can still feel good about it.

I’m fully aware that crossovers are no way to lose weight, and as a matter of fact, too many crossovers too often will actually cause you to pack on the pounds.

But on chilly Fall Sundays when I have already served dinner after church, one pan under the broiler making a decent dinner for my family in ten minutes doesn’t seem like such a bad gig. Plus, if you already made chicken tacos with my super easy eight ingredient taco seasoning, half your work is already done!

They rave, I rest, we all win.

Walmart’s Great Value line is my go-to for pretty much everything I need. When they came out with Organic Blue Corn Chips and I found out they were on-plan, I about thought I made it to THM Heaven. The price and the flavor cannot be reckoned with. We are forever grateful for this new addition!

So for less than two dollars a bag, I scatter all the chips on one cookie sheet after I throw down some parchment paper.

There is a divide in the camp over pre-shredded cheese versus shredding your own, and I concede that I tried SO hard to shred my own cheese for a very long time. I still try.

But it just can’t happen every day, and the quantity we go through on a regular basis calls for shredded sometimes. (Sorry to my sistas on the other side of the camp. This girl is in Survival Mode.)

Anyways, it doesn’t get much simpler than adding taco-seasoned chicken on top of the chips and covering it all with shredded cheeses.

(Have you tried my home made eight ingredient taco seasoning? You will never go back to packets again! The leftover meat goes perfectly in this recipe!)

If you don’t have already-seasoned chicken on hand, use anything you have leftover, or open a can of the chunk chicken breast and season that on the stove before sprinkling it all over the chips.

For your older crew members, or those who just love spice and add-ons, you can grab tomatoes, olives, hot sauce, jalapenos or anything else you can imagine to put on top of these babies. (Bacon, anyone?!)

By the time you pull these out of the oven, you will feel like a master chef who won the lottery. They are that good and it’s just that easy.

To get yourself on the road to getting nachos that look like this, here you go:

Ingredients for the Very Best Nachos:

1 bag Organic Blue Corn Chips
1 can (2.5 ozs.) chunk chicken breast
(or any taco meat you have on hand.)
1/3 batch The BEST (Family-Friendly) Taco Seasoning
1 8 oz bar cheddar cheese, shredded
1 8 oz bar mozzarella, shredded

chopped black olives
crumbled bacon bits
hot sauce

How to make the nachos:

Place a sheet pan with parchment paper and spread the chips evenly over the pan.

If you already have your meat seasoned, just scoop it over the chips. You may want to warm it up to be able to distribute it evenly.

If you haven’t seasoned your meat yet, throw all the ingredients together for the taco seasoning and pour 1/3 of it into the pan with your canned chicken or whatever other meat you chose. Brown it and cook it through. (Be careful: it smells AMAZING.)

Spoon the fully cooked and seasoned beef on top of the chips.

Take your shredded cheeses and put it all over the top of that until you are satisfied with the goodness and cheesieness level.

Broil the pan until the cheese is singed. Keep a close eye on it; it happens fast.

When it looks like this, you are good.to.go.

Scoop onto individual plates and add your favorite toppings.

Enjoy it while it’s hot, and let me know YOUR favorite toppings!

I hope this makes your Sunday as easy as mine was.


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