Big Family Fun

The World’s Largest McDonald’s

Because if you didn’t take a selfie, did it really even happen?????

Our teenage daughter flipped out at the notion that we were vacationing in the same city as the World’s Largest McDonald’s, and since we needed a potty break on the way back from visiting the manatees at Blue Spring State Park, we decided to indulge her.

It was pretty cool.

Freshly renovated in 2016, it was clean and open and fun. Lots of natural light and lots of space felt so free, even though we had to wear masks.

The play place was closed and so was the arcade because #pandemic, but we walked through the whole area and still checked it out.

We ordered fries for everyone and our teenagers splurged on a few extras, (did you know they have pasta in there?!?!?), and a good time was had by all.

They had cake, ice cream, waffle cones and slushees.

They had fettuccine Alfredo, pizza and philly steaks.

There were stations to order each type of food, and they just revamped them to servers instead of self-serve options.

They loved it.

My advice? If your kids ever ask to go see the World’s Largest McDonald’s, go ahead and do it.


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