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World’s Greatest (and easiest!) Chili


If you already went through the trouble of making my Best Chili Seasoning Ever, you are now five minutes away from dinner being complete.


The best chili happens from the best seasoning. The rest is just the ratio of meat, beans and tomatoes/tomato sauce, whichever you prefer.

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Here is my secret:

Equal parts of all three things.

That’s it.


For every pound of meat you use in your chili, simply add one 15 oz. can of beans and one 15 oz can of tomatoes/tomato sauce.

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Add the seasonings, and done.

As our family has grown to six kids with two adults, we find that a three pound batch of meat feeds our crew for one meal, with maybe a couple lunch leftovers.

I recently learned how to make my own black beans in the Instant Pot, and let me tell you we went from kidney bean fans to solid black bean fans for KEEPS!

There is nothing wrong with the canned beans per se, it’s just that the levels of sodium and freshness really can’t be controlled in canned items, even when you do a great rinse job in the strainer beforehand.

If all you have is canned beans, PLEASE use them up with no condemnation! Just promise me you will do yourself a favor soon and try these Instant Pot Black Beans. You will not believe it until you try it yourself, seriously!

For the tomatoes, just choose whichever kind your family likes the most. I always used to use diced tomatoes each and every time, and I remember once opening the pantry cabinets to find I was short a couple cans of tomatoes and the meat was already cooking, the seasoning already mixed.

There was NO WAY I was changing that dinner plan.

Thankfully, I just happened to have a 29.5 oz. can of tomato sauce, so I threw that in there with a little oregano, a little salt and one packet of truvia, and voila! No one knew anything different. They actually LOVED that batch.

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