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Amazon Affiliate Links

How to support your friends online when you see their Amazon links.

Hint: It NEVER costs you ANYTHING EXTRA!

Have you ever wondered how to suppport your favorite online people?

You know, the ones you follow and adore and cheer on in all the things?

They show up, day in and day out, spilling their guts and putting their life out there on display for all to see, and you watch and encourage and laugh and cry through it all with them.

I am still JUST learning the very basics of blogging and making money online, but there is one thing I have discovered if you ever want to help a sister out.

Every one of the advertisements you see on their blog posts is a link back to something she has become an affiliate for.

Every store, every product and every banner has a specific code attached to it that she set up and partnered for, and every time you click through one of those links or banners or photos and make a purchase, a certain percentage goes to her.

That’s it. No extra cost to you, no sign ups or hidden fees or anything extra on you. Just do your thing and she gets the credit for it. Seriously.

Now, Amazon is a little trickier because, well, they are Amazon. The king of the online space, they can make the rules and change the rules and do all sorts of crazy things in between.

But they are the king for a reason and, well, we ALL use Amazon, amiright?

So when you see a blog post about Amazon products, click through your sister bloggers post to get to the link she has posted.

IF you purchase using that click through for that purchase, she gets a commission off of that purchase.

Now, it has to be that exact item, but rumor has it that if you add your dog food and new bathroom towels and a case of Pringles because #coronasurvivalkit, those items will also count towards her commission.

I have not seen that happen just yet.

Amazon is VERY picky to make sure you are earning your commission on the items you are promoting. I am okay with that because I want to make sure I am only advocating things that I have truly tried and tested, even though it can be frustrating when you KNOW your friends are trying to use your links and help you… but somehow you don’t end up getting the credit for the sale anyways. #fixitlord

So I hope this little behind-the-scenes piece of information was helpful for you.

When you see a banner for an amazon gift card and you KNOW you have a birthday coming up, go ahead and click the link and make your purchase through there. You will get your gift card, fix your birthday present problem, and she will get a small commission off that purchase, always at no extra cost to you.

Sometimes it’s only 5%, sometimes it’s 15% or more. But don’t kid yourself if you think those 5% sales don’t add up. (Even to just boost her spirits that Somebody, Somebody is reading her blog posts.)

I wanted to make myself a “Celebrate!” t shirt and do a happy dance when I saw my first sale go through. It was $11.96 and I’m pretty sure it was my own purchase on checksunlimited.com, but I just couldn’t believe it worked, and it was working, and it WAS possible to make money online.

So next time you are reading someone’s blog and you think, “Gee, this is really good. I want to support her in her dreams,” remember that you can just click through her banners and ads and links and know that that is, actually how easy it is to support her… in so many more ways than just dollars!

Happy clicking, my friends.



To find out more ways you can help support bloggers you love, read my post here.

Disclaimer: any of the clickthroughs you find on my pages are links to products that I have used and love and trust. I may make a small commission on anything you purchase on the other side of the link, so please know it will go to fund my crazy projects, wild ideas and writing habits. It will not cost anything extra for you. Thank you for your love and support!

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    Love that you are following your dream????❤️

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