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And how they can make YOUR life easier, too!

I have no problem sharing with the world that my two most frequent stops in my week are to Walmart and Dollar Tree. Truly, they make my life easier, simpler and less stressful. Granted, I’ve been visiting both stores for years, but there’s no reason I can’t share with you what I love to make YOUR life a little easier, too!


There is no better way to start your holiday shopping than with the Dollar Tree. Seriously, craft supplies, clear ornaments, wrapping paper, shirt boxes and garland galore make this a no-brainer for this mama. Where else can you get a three pack of gift boxes for $1?! They even carry Hallmark wrapping paper and specialty overstock… all for $1 apiece. My favorite find is this year’s holiday village… 27 pieces for $13! Even if I let my kids play with it and add it to our train set, I won’t even care if they break something. (That’s the wonder of Dollar Tree… 😉 ). Click the photo below to go straight to the village on their site!


As I mentioned with the holiday decorations, the craft supplies in the store alone are worth making this your first stop before you start a new project. You can pretty much guarantee foam balls, florals of every color, metal wreath bases and colored stones and rocks year round.

My favorite find this year has been the yarn. Five star reviews, ship to store for free, and endless color options make this the easiest start to holiday gifts and crafting ever! Click the photo below to go straight to their yarn selection!

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How to repair and replace your planter liners.

Thanks to stay-at-home orders and pandemic regulations, we have tried really hard to fix problems around the house without leaving the house.

We had a gorgeous planter we used to use in the front of our shop for years until we did some renovations and changed the style of it… and the planter laid in the dingweeds in the yard for years until we could find the time and place for it.

As we looked around for projects to tackle and finish, the planter hit the list. It was right there, it was easy to finish and it just plain old needed to get done. The only trouble was, taking the basket to the nursery was not an option because of quarantine, and I had always asked them to patch the coconut liner for me every couple years it started shredding. I was going to have to learn how to do it myself. I ordered the coconut liner and hoped for the best.

One beautiful Saturday the liner just so happened to get delivered to our front porch, so we rounded up some simple tools and got to work. Drilling in to concrete is harder than it looks, so it took some serious muscle to get the holes into the wall. (Hint: get shorter screws than we did if drilling in to structural concrete.)

Fortunately, we also had a big helper willing to lend some muscle to the cause.

Once we got the basket securely into the wall, we were able to play with the liner to figure out how to do it. Our planter had been left on the ground for so long, there was virtually nothing left of the last liner, so we were starting from scratch.

The best way that worked for us was to lay it out flat to see how much surface area it would cover. I had measured the planter before ordering but was also trying to cut costs, so I only ordered one, and that’s all I had to work with. Well, I also had a great helper who even suggested a rolling pin to even out the creases in the liner.

When the rolling pin didn’t exactly work as well as we would have liked, we decided to cut the liner and piece it together where we wanted it.

I got lucky because my planter was deep enough that I didn’t need the entire thing recovered in liner, and those couple inches I shorted myself along the top we’re my saving grace to be able to finish the project that day. In hindsight, I would have ordered two rolls of liner just to fill it all. But I worked with what I had, and it really turned out nicely. We overlapped the liner enough that the dirt wouldn’t go through, and started filling it with dirt and smoothed out some more wrinkles as we went. It was really very easy. We even had enough inspiration left over for a seven-year-old photo shoot of the knock out roses on my phone.

The project was so fun and quick it was contagious, and soon we were scraping mud off the deck from a gutter overflow, sending the teenage son on to the roof to fix the problem, and letting the girls collect roses to experiment drying after they hacked down the bushes and pruned them.

It was the perfect Saturday project that really did get completed before we fell apart. Only one tiny detail was left, the most important one, mocking me silently in its emptiness: the flower basket was empty.

In case no one else noticed, Lowe’s had become the new local hangout in the pandemic. The parking lot was constantly full, and every neighbor you hadn’t seen in years would pass you by, maybe or maybe not with a mask. Our friend in management told us that they had exceeded their projections by over a million dollars in one month. We decided to try to limit our Lowes trips, grateful for the economic boost and the eventual gorgeous landscaping popping up around the county.

But how could I justify a Lowes trip for FLOWERS in a pandemic???????

I stewed about it all through lunch and in to my afternoon tea on the porch, trying to enjoy everything we had accomplished. I tried to pacify myself and remind myself that at least we had gotten that much done, and I should just be thankful for what was finished and save the rest until after #quarantine.

I tried my best, I really did.

But then I remembered the hosta planted near the porch of my office across the road, and it was curtains.

Jumping on the golf cart with a tote and shovel, I used my flip flop feet in the heat of the day to dig that poor plant out of its home.

I had gotten as a gift from my mother-in-law about 13 years before when we actually lived in that house and we moved out while we were still finishing construction on our new house, so I never had the chance to replant it. There it sat all those years, never separated, never divided, just continuing to grow and multiply all that time.

When we took the property back over, I was so happy to have another chance at taking my hosta back. Every day I went to my office, I passed by that beautiful plant and thought of the memories that came with it. I would promise myself that “someday” I would at least divide, if not completely replant it at home.

Today was the day for taking it back.

It had grown so large over the years that I only took a fraction of it and it still filled the garden bed. I guessed at how much I would need, plunked it in the tote and drove back to the house.

It fit perfectly in three sections, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Except for the empty spaces in between the hostas staring out at me and mocking me.

I reminded myself once again to be thankful for what I had, and I walked away from the planter so the mocking couldn’t torment me anymore.

As I walked on to the front porch, I passed a pot full of flowers that Tim had given me for my stay-at-home birthday a couple weeks before.


I ran back to the mocking basket and split that plant as fast as I could.

In minutes, the entire basket was finished and soaked. It was perfect.

So if you have planters and pots and all the things in your yard or in your porch that need some DIY attention, don’t worry: you can do it, too!

Disclaimer: any of the clickthroughs you find on my pages are links to products that I have used and love and trust. I may make a small commission on anything you purchase on the other side of the link, so please know it will go to fund my crazy projects, wild ideas and writing habits. It will not cost anything extra for you. Thank you for your love and support!

The Cricut feature I never knew existed.

Pink or Blue, Which One's for You?

I got me some pink glitter iron on HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), and I felt like I won the lottery.

I had gotten an order for a special matching girls set of t shirts and could not WAIT to make them.

Did you know that Cricut has a special “Glitter Iron On” cutting option????

Did you also know that if you do NOT use that special function, you will spend SO MUCH time trying to weed the glittery mat your eyes will cross and your fingers won’t feel a thing????

Or so I’ve heard.

Just kidding. That was me today. Matching outfits in one order means two shirts, and so I started with the bigger one hoping to gear myself up for the smaller one. (Read: infant 0-3 onesie as my smaller one.)

Oh thank God I started with the bigger one.

Because I had NO idea what I was doing, and I picked the “Regular Every Day Iron On Vinyl” setting to do the job.

Over an hour later, I was finishing up the weeding process, painfully deciding it was bad quality vinyl, (it wasn’t), a dulling Cricut blade (not true either), or my life in general was falling apart (not really true either).

So as I dreaded to make the infant onesie, I thought I would check the cutting options, and oh hallelujah, there was an option.

And it worked.

And because I love all of God’s children I decided to blog about this little thing I never knew in the hopes of making someone else’s life (and afternoon) not wasted.

Without further ado, here’s the deal.

The Siser HTV never steers me wrong and the pink glitter sealed my love forever. For the love of all good things, do yourself a favor and order a roll, not a sheet, EVERY TIME.

Once I was ready to cut my design, this is what I chose:

If you don’t already see it in Step #1, no worries, just choose “Browse Other Materials.”

Cricut Gives Your Ultimate Cutting Precision

Save yourself some scrolling time, and just type “glitter” in the search box.

Who knew Cricut had so many options????

Choose “Glitter Iron On” and click Next/Done.

I ALWAYS choose “More” Pressure because, well, I have ripped one too many projects in haste and light cuts. Besides, the more pressure we endure the better quality the diamond, right????

Anyways, I apparently chose correctly because the machine cut that vinyl so well I was done with the onesie size in a FRACTION of the time the larger shirt took me. It was that good.

The telltale sign of hope was that I could actually READ the cut through the glitter when I checked the other side of the vinyl. With the bigger shirt on my first try, I could not only NOT see the cuts, I couldn’t push the vinyl through hard enough to weed. It was rough.

Shop Cricut Today!

This thing weeded in no time, even though it was way smaller than the other one! I was so stinkin’ grateful.

I now remain grateful for what I have learned about Glitter Iron-On, sweet little girl designs, Cricut cutting settings, sisters and besties… and the chance to use pink glitter HTV.

I hope this helps you, too!💕

Disclaimer: any of the clickthroughs you find on my pages are links to products that I have used and love and trust. I may make a small commission on anything you purchase on the other side of the link, so please know it will go to fund my crazy projects, wild ideas and writing habits. It will not cost anything extra for you. Thank you for your love and support!

How I survived a mini renovation when it could’ve gone so, so wrong.

I am not one to make light of the situation that our nation is in at this time, as we face so many unknowns in so much change in such a short amount of time.

However, I am not going to stop looking for the sun shining, the silver linings, and the opportunities for goodness just because the world can look very dim right now.

So when I tell you that my laundry room got a makeover that I still cannot believe, in the middle of all the chaos and confusion out in the world, I mean that with the most excitement of my life, in the best sort of way.

Let me show you some before pictures to give you an idea where we started.

Now, I was definitely raised to not air my dirty laundry in public, so I wanted to be very careful to not show ALL the things you probably don’t want to see, and also all the things my mama would not want me showing. But in the words of my teenage daughter Abby, it definitely needed “a major glow up.”

All that aside, our washer and dryer came in this house over fourteen years ago when we built the house. I did a quick blitz paint job late at night before the appliance guys were coming the next day, installed a cheap Lowe’s cabinet to hide all the clutter, hung a few framed prints I had been storing for months in anticipation…

And there they sat. All these years.

So faithful for all the loads and years and babies and seasons. Rocks, candy wrappers, pens, gum and self-tapping screws, the washer and dryer bore it all. Hide and seek spaces, craft project dyeing and memories of teaching each of my kids how to wash their clothes all happened there.

We never imagined having such a large family, but here we are, fourteen years later, with nine people living in our home. Now with the quarantine, our 30 x 30’ foundation seems to be bursting at the seams… and our well is having trouble keeping up as well.

Over the years, when the well would have trouble at times, whether the pump got fried an electrical storm, or we lost power for days from a hurricane, if we ever ran out of water, I would just head to the laundromat. In a few short hours, I would have washed and dried and folded all the laundry from the entire house in one trip. It was a long and very exhausting trip, but so rewarding just the same. For less than $30 and some ibuprofen for my back the next day, I would have accomplished so much in such little time.

It was the way we were making things work, and I had found peace with that. Tim hated the fact that I had to go through such a big ordeal just to get our laundry done, but he could not fix the well in his own strength, and I could not let the laundry pile up without another solution regardless.

So that’s how we survived. Until quarantine. Our faithful dryer had been visited by the repair man probably three times over the last 14 years, always to repair the belt that makes the squeakiest noise every time it rotates. We had now gotten to the point that the heat was not enough to dry the clothes anymore. So on top of the super squeak every time the dryer rotated, we also planned on running the dryer about three times per load. The noise combined with the multiplication factor for just one single load was deafening, to say the least.

We were falling behind, fast. And this time, I wasn’t arguing very loudly with him when he said he felt like the laundromat was not an option at this time.

With so much change happening so quickly in our world, beginning to homeschool six kids and putting safe practices in place for all of our staff and family, the whirlwind was too much to address the laundry situation for a couple weeks. I dropped a hint or two, but the look on Tim‘s face with the overwhelm of SBA loans and shortened working hours and exposure practices and policies, I knew I needed to let it slide as long as possible.

When we finally got down to the last pair of shorts, and none were left to recycle that were not “quite” as dirty… and finally when the tears fell from the Littles not having any jammies or even comfy clothes anymore to take their place, I knew it was time to have the talk.

I laid it all out for Tim, and he listened to it all. He finally took a deep breath and said it was time to replace the washer and dryer, so just order what I wanted, and we would make it work. I had already researched a few, wondering what was new out there and what all the new features and choices I had, but I still could not honestly find exactly what I wanted. I was thinking more of a commercial washer, and none still seemed big enough.

I loved the idea of the front load washers, because they had been a dream of an upgrade for so many years. I mostly loved that they were energy efficient and used less water. My hope was that we would be able to maintain our well supply better than ever, if it truly was that energy efficient. I finally got on the phone with a few local stores, first trying to figure out if they were still open, then trying to figure out how they are practicing safe distancing… and, after all that trying to figure out who had the washer and dryer that I needed and dreamed of.

When I called one of our local stores, I was able to speak directly with the owner, who knew so much about his products. When I explained a little bit of our family situation, he figured out which commercial appliances he had in stock that would work for our family. Over the course of a half an hour phone conversation, he walked me through measurements and spacing, electrical outlet placing and door swing. As a sidenote, I just want to share that he was so incredibly busy, it made my heart happy. He told me that business sales were through the roof, and people were just spending money left and right, investing in their homes and appliances. Even when I called back to actually order my machines, he had filled all the delivery slots for the day that I had initially wanted, explaining that just that morning he had gotten sales for two more complete swingsets and two super large refrigerators. I thought of the families that were taking this time investing in their homes and their children, of all the children that were going to enjoy these amazing new swing sets, and I was just so grateful to hear this bit of good news in the middle of the heavy media reports.

Then came the challenge: my dream front loaders were about 2 inches too forward. They would extend past the closet that we had originally designed as our laundry room when we built the house, and the doors would not be able to close. He had another set of a washer and dryer in stock that was also commercial, it was top loading and water efficient, and less expensive than my front loaders…. but it wasn’t my dream.

I tried to keep an open mind, and I made peace with where we were at both in life and in renovations. They were just appliances, after all. It wasn’t the end of the world, and if I truly hated them, what was the worst that could happen? I could buy another after things calmed down. So I took it all to Tim, asking him what he thought we should do, and he just told me to get what I wanted, and he would make it work.

This is the part where I’m telling you, ladies. We can make this season work for us. I stared at him for the longest minute and finally was able to say: “Just so we’re clear, you mean to tell me that you would rather spend two to three thousand dollars on a laundry room renovation, and upgrade our entire laundry room, and do some unknown amounts of construction rather than have me go to the laundromat right now?”

He said yes, and wisdom told me to shush my mouth and just get going. So I ordered the washer and dryer of my dreams and got to work. I found a roller cover left over in our paint supplies and found the gallon of extra paint that my parents bought for me last time they visited and we did a quick update in my main room.

I took a deep breath, and went to cleaning and prepping and painting, with only one day off at home in between the order and the delivery. Thank God for my husband who was on board with this whole thing, and my teenage son who loves his mama and is also stuck at home looking for jobs to do to keep him sane. We never went through homeschooling so fast that day so I could jump straight into the painting process. We may or may not have eaten hot pockets and corndogs for lunch that day, and we may or may not have played on electronics a little longer than we should have. I may or may not have hidden in the bathroom for a time out and a cup of coffee in between the cutting in and the rolling. But I threw some bleach and some soap in the sink to soak all the outlet covers and greasy plastic I could find, and we got it done.

The installers were amazing and they were in and out of the house in less than an hour. Once we saw our gorgeous new appliances sitting in that closet, we knew that shimming out the doors a little bit was not going to be enough to fix the problem. They were huge. And they were gorgeous. And I thought of one of the doors hitting my gorgeous new set was horrifying.

So the next day, Tim got to work. Out came the door frame and out came the power tools. As the kids played outside and I organized and sorted all the bins and garbage that used to be in the laundry room, he’s sawed and banged and hammered and drilled. Thank God for teenagers with energy and strength and free time. because if Drew was not in our life at this point in time, I’m pretty sure Tim would still be nailing wood into the walls…

When I heard Tim’s disappointed muttering, I knew I had to go see what the problem was. The depth of one 2 x 4 was not going to be enough to bump out the wall. He said he had an idea of how to fix it, but he wasn’t sure if I would like it. There are very few times in my life that he has said that, and each time I have heard those words, my stomach turns upside down and heat comes creeping into the back of my neck. They are words that I don’t think any wife ever wants to hear, and with the added stress of quarantine and six kids buzzing around the house, my ears were hot and roaring to the point that I could not understand what he was trying to say. Granted, that can happen a lot in marriage, but he started using words like “shiplap” and “two by fours” and “hacksaw” and “moldings” to the point that I could not wrap my brain around any of it, no matter how hard I tried.

My husband is a man’s man. He is strong and often bulldozers his way through the problems that come his way. I keep him around and keep falling in love with him because he does have the kindest heart, and he does have a funny and creative side that we laugh about together in the moments we are not running wide-open.

We were running wide-open at that point, and I had no solution. He was determined to do this project without a single trip to Lowe’s, and I was too fuzzy to argue with him.

He finally told me as nicely as possible that I was not allowed in the bathroom for the next hour, and he was going to do something to fix the problem. I took one look at the sink full of all the things that were making my brain hurt, and I knew it was best if I would listen to him. There was nothing more I could offer to the situation. Throughout the next hour, I literally prayed, “Lord, please don’t make me have to fake liking whatever he does. Please don’t let this be an epic fail. Please give me the words to be kind and supportive. Thank you for a husband that is trying so hard to make our family run smoothly.”

I don’t remember the last time I prayed so sincerely for so long.

The banging and banging and banging for the next hour or so was bad. Abby and I had tried to sit down to watch the last half an hour of Emma, the movie we had started earlier in the week and we’re not able to finish.

We ended up having to watch it again later that weekend because it was just so ruined with the sound of construction. But when Tim called me in to close my eyes and look in the bathroom, I knew it was the moment of truth. How was God going to answer my prayers this time???

Even though it was still in the construction process, when I saw the pallet wood on the walls, my heart skipped a beat. It blended so perfectly with the colors on the walls already, and it gave such a finished interest to the room, I was in love all over again. I could not believe this was the same bathroom.

He finished the whole project that afternoon, and I washed the floors and vacuumed up the last bits of drywall dust by dinner time.

Once it was completely clean and clutter free, both the washer and dryer running, cleaning and giving me some fresh clothes so my house did not smell like sweaty seven-year-old boys anymore, it looked even more beautiful than ever.

I felt like Martha Stewart, the Pioneer Woman, and Joanna Gaines all at the same time. Putting the bathroom back together again, and taking beautiful pictures of my newly renovated space, I felt like the luckiest woman on the planet. Here we were in the middle of quarantine and a national emergency, and I had the opportunity to make my house more beautiful and make a dream come true right within the walls of my home.

I knew that in another day and another time, we would have made a list over coffee, sent Tim to Lowe’s, and $200 later would’ve come home with all the supplies that we needed, and then some extra. Knowing that we had done this entire project with only things that we had on hand made me feel so overwhelmingly complete.

I know that things are hard right now. They are very, very hard for some more than others. But I find that the more that I fix my eyes on what is good and beautiful and right, the less dark and hard things may seem.

Ways to Support Someone in the Online Space

In the ever-changing world of the internet, with technology literally changing at the speed of life, it can be difficult to know how your presence in the online space can possibly help someone else succeed.

It is true, though: your very clicking through the world wide web, the websites you choose, the places you stop to read and shop and learn… they all carry power that weighs in any direction you choose.

There are a few super simple ways that you can help someone who is trying to start out in the online world. Here are just a few that I know I am learning:

  1. Follow them on any social media platforms they have.

This is such a simple way to help because, to put it simply, numbers matter. The number of likes on their Page helps them gain access to greater platforms they may be trying to reach, So if you’re on Instagram, Follow them there. Facebook? Like their Page. YouTube and Pinterest? Subscribe and Follow there, too. There is no limit to the ways that fans affect bloggers on social media.

2. If you follow them, RESPOND to their content!!!

When you see they are posting something that touches you or speaks to your heart, let the world know!! A “Like” on a post is nice, it’s like a nod in someone’s direction, acknowledging they exist. Picking a different emoji, like a heart or laugh or wow, is a more noticeable response to your blogger friend, similar to saying “hello” with a smile. If you REALLY want to support them, COMMENT on their post with MORE THAN FIVE WORDS, showing the algorithms that you are on board with whatever they are posting. If you want to be BFFs for life… SHARE every post that resonates with you.

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When you respond to the content of a post, you are showing the world what you are in to. Facebook will show your Shared Post and sometimes your comments to all of YOUR friends, friends that your blogger may not have, but may need to get connected with. Each time others see your blogger is another chance for the numbers to grow. It is a huge and easy way to help them out.

3. Sign up for their email list.

Okay, only do this one if you are really loving the content they have and want to be a part of their fan base. If you don’t open the emails and use the clickthroughs in there, don’t bother signing up: their numbers will actually look WORSE if you don’t open them rather than just not signing up at all.

Responding to the emails, even with a simple “XOXO” is a great way to let their email company know that the writer is doing a good job and not sending spam.

4. Spend time on their website.

If you like following your blogger, chances are you are probably already spending time on their website. Each time you click a link from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, that link takes you to their site.

The more people that spend time on that site, the better the numbers look. Those numbers are SO important to companies that are looking at that blogger for up and coming promotions, opportunities and offers.

Are you reading their blog and have a few extra minutes? Click around and read another that catches your attention. It means so much more than you can imagine!

Bonus Tip: Click on any of their links on their pages!

Do you need something from Amazon? Click the link that your blogger posted on her site, and she will get the credit for your purchase, a small percentage given to her at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!

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Do you have a business or help at your church where you can order bulk quantities of Dollar Tree items, where you can get them shipped for $4.95 or even FREE most of the time?

You NEVER have to pay extra for these sales, yet the numbers and percentages can really add up and mean so much to your blogger.

I know how I felt when I saw the first commission hit my affiliate account. Weeks before, as I spent so much time and effort on setting it out and learning it, I was feeling so small and so stupid, thinking it was a waste of time and how could I ever make this work? I knew I needed to stay home with my kids for the next ten years, and I WANT to stay home with them… having the freedom to do that can be such a different thing.

Seeing that $11.96 sale in my affiliate account made my heart soar and make me feel ALIVE.

It worked.

It happened.

I was doing it.

There is still so very, very far to go, but I am just so proud of myself for doing the thing, and after that, watching it work for real.

So the next time you see a blog that you got something out of, go ahead and try a few of the tips I listed here, and know how grateful she will be, and how life changing you can be… even with just one click.

Disclaimer: any of the clickthroughs you find on my pages are links to products that I have used and love and trust. I may make a small commission on anything you purchase on the other side of the link, so please know it will go to fund my crazy projects, wild ideas and writing habits. It will not cost anything extra for you. Thank you for your love and support!

How to support your friends online when you see their Amazon links.

Hint: It NEVER costs you ANYTHING EXTRA!

Have you ever wondered how to suppport your favorite online people?

You know, the ones you follow and adore and cheer on in all the things?

They show up, day in and day out, spilling their guts and putting their life out there on display for all to see, and you watch and encourage and laugh and cry through it all with them.

I am still JUST learning the very basics of blogging and making money online, but there is one thing I have discovered if you ever want to help a sister out.

Every one of the advertisements you see on their blog posts is a link back to something she has become an affiliate for.

Every store, every product and every banner has a specific code attached to it that she set up and partnered for, and every time you click through one of those links or banners or photos and make a purchase, a certain percentage goes to her.

That’s it. No extra cost to you, no sign ups or hidden fees or anything extra on you. Just do your thing and she gets the credit for it. Seriously.

Now, Amazon is a little trickier because, well, they are Amazon. The king of the online space, they can make the rules and change the rules and do all sorts of crazy things in between.

But they are the king for a reason and, well, we ALL use Amazon, amiright?

So when you see a blog post about Amazon products, click through your sister bloggers post to get to the link she has posted.

IF you purchase using that click through for that purchase, she gets a commission off of that purchase.

Now, it has to be that exact item, but rumor has it that if you add your dog food and new bathroom towels and a case of Pringles because #coronasurvivalkit, those items will also count towards her commission.

I have not seen that happen just yet.

Amazon is VERY picky to make sure you are earning your commission on the items you are promoting. I am okay with that because I want to make sure I am only advocating things that I have truly tried and tested, even though it can be frustrating when you KNOW your friends are trying to use your links and help you… but somehow you don’t end up getting the credit for the sale anyways. #fixitlord

So I hope this little behind-the-scenes piece of information was helpful for you.

When you see a banner for an amazon gift card and you KNOW you have a birthday coming up, go ahead and click the link and make your purchase through there. You will get your gift card, fix your birthday present problem, and she will get a small commission off that purchase, always at no extra cost to you.

Sometimes it’s only 5%, sometimes it’s 15% or more. But don’t kid yourself if you think those 5% sales don’t add up. (Even to just boost her spirits that Somebody, Somebody is reading her blog posts.)

I wanted to make myself a “Celebrate!” t shirt and do a happy dance when I saw my first sale go through. It was $11.96 and I’m pretty sure it was my own purchase on checksunlimited.com, but I just couldn’t believe it worked, and it was working, and it WAS possible to make money online.

So next time you are reading someone’s blog and you think, “Gee, this is really good. I want to support her in her dreams,” remember that you can just click through her banners and ads and links and know that that is, actually how easy it is to support her… in so many more ways than just dollars!

Happy clicking, my friends.



To find out more ways you can help support bloggers you love, read my post here.

Disclaimer: any of the clickthroughs you find on my pages are links to products that I have used and love and trust. I may make a small commission on anything you purchase on the other side of the link, so please know it will go to fund my crazy projects, wild ideas and writing habits. It will not cost anything extra for you. Thank you for your love and support!

The Cheater-Pants Way To DIY That’s Fun, Easy and Cheap!

Our church nursery hadn’t been painted in years, and though it was bright and fun and happy, it was also in need of a refresh and a softer color for the littlest ones.

I had been using Sherwin Williams Light French Grey for all of our other Sunday School rooms I had been working on, so I decided that we should keep the grey trend going and see how it looked.

We were not disappointed. The grey was soft and peaceful and calming, and just so beautiful.

It looked so good, it made the old wood and plaid rocker stand out even more.

That was NOT the look I was going for.

So one night I decided to give it a go and redo the glider. After all, how hard could it be???

I grabbed the plaid cushions so I would know how much fabric to purchase (expert tip right there from someone who’s made that mistake before), and marched into Walmart for the supplies I needed.

Once I saw the grey fabric with white arrows on it, I was sold. Then to know that Waverly has a pre-cut section where you don’t have to stand in line for a cutter… I was one happy camper.

I busted that package open to make sure the fabric would cover the high back cushion, and grabbed two yards total along with some safety pins. No Sew Sally to the rescue.

I also grabbed two cans of Rustoleum Universal Paint and Primer in One so I could turn that original wood into white as I recovered the cushions inside. This has literally become my new favorite spray paint, if you can excuse my red nose from being so cold outside! The Universal line has lots of options and colors, but Satin White is my favorite for this project here.

I ran back to the church to get moving while I was on the jazz.

Things You Write a Check For

I hauled that glider rocker outside, and since it was pitch dark, I set it in line with one of the outdoor super bright lights and then pointed my minivan headlights at it coming from the other side. (Super high tech here.)

I sprayed that rocker until the cows came home, knowing it was probably too cold to be spraying outside but hoping I could finish the project in one night. It was tricky with such scattered light, but I kept spraying light coats all over it from every angle.

Having a great spray paint really made the difference. If I had been more calculated in spraying, I probably would have only needed the one can, not the second.

I left it out to dry and moved inside to recover the cushions.

The first thing I did inside was lay out the fabric on top of the high back cushion, just to get an idea of the print direction.

Then I flipped it over and started pinning.

I folded it straight across, just like a Christmas present. I pinned the fabric down across the straight line, then again where the corner met the next fold of fabric.

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Pin it as much as you like; no one will ever see it.

The bottom edge of the cushion was so close to the edge of the new fabric, I pulled a little on the fabric both to tighten it and give me more room to secure it. This also makes it looks nice on the front.

Once you’ve folded straight and flat, go ahead and pull in the pieces where the angles of the chair cushion are, and pin those in place as well. You can always re-pin if you don’t like the angle, so don’t be afraid to get started and try it!

When you’ve finished pinning all four sides straight and then all angles you want to highlight, pin any where extra that you would like to secure.

Double secure any corners that are going to get lots of use.

Flip that cushion over to admire your handiwork!

If you see any parts that you would like to adjust… go ahead! It’s just pins that can move and change! And if you’re the type of person that wants it ALL covered, or if your rocker is going in a place where people will see the back of it, just lay a piece of the material flat on the back and pin it down over the top. Done and done.

Next, grab your seat cushion and lay that thing out the same way you did for your high back cushion. I chose to leave the plaid tabs sticking out because I knew that no one would ever see them from behind the chair. If you would like to have more coverage, you can easily cut a piece of that fabric off to cover the tabs, and glue or pin the new fabric directly over the old.

Fold straight again, as best as you can, and remember you can always pin the folds back after the initial straight pinning. Just like a Christmas present, go straight and then fold after it’s secure.

You don’t need to worry about over-pinning anywhere, either… you are working on the bottom of the cushion, so there is no way the pins will affect anyone once you’re using it again.

Pin it up and pin it in… that’s how you get it done here.

Flip it over when it’s all secure, and admire your hard work. I was happy with the way it turned out, so I went back outside to grab the rocker and bring it in, hoping it was dry with all the cold weather and coats of paint I had put on.

Thankfully, it wasn’t even tacky, so I could move it right back into the nursery for the most rewarding part:

I set the cushions back on the rocker and brushed away any wrinkles I could see. You could always use a handheld steamer to get those wrinkles out, or iron the fabric before you start working on it. Either way, those wrinkles will come out over time.

I stood back to admire the whole thing, and absolutely loved it.

Taking advantage of the Christmas season, I had grabbed a 60 foot roll of warm white lights to hang from the ceiling as well. You can get something similar on Amazon here. Something about fluorescent lights does not say “Hush, Little Baby” to me…

I will show you how the lights turned out in my next post!

Also, may I just give you a word of caution about the overspray of the project? Super funny (and super humbling) story coming up here as well. In the meantime, use a huge tablecloth or drop cloth to cover as much floor surface as possible, and use a grassy area if you can!!!

But can we just take a moment and admire that Nursery one more time…?! I may be biased, but I think the rocker just makes it…!

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Disclaimer: any of the clickthroughs you find on my pages are links to products that I have used and love and trust. I may make a small commission on anything you purchase on the other side of the link, so please know it will go to fund my crazy projects, wild ideas and writing habits. It will not cost anything extra for you. Thank you for your love and support!