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Why I Love Checks Unlimited

And why you will want to use them, too.

In a day and age when identities are stolen by the thousands, it can be hard to know who to trust.

I decided to try a check company online to find a great deal in the safest way possible.

Checks Unlimited has a great affiliate program, which means that if you order through my links for them online, I receive a commission for that order at no additional cost to you.

I went through the process as a customer myself so I could tell you what it’s like.

First of all, because I needed to order a new set of checks, I decided to get a four pack in a sale bundle so I wouldn’t have to order again for quite some time. So many things have gone digital, but we still need paper checks for a few things, and it adds up and becomes a hassle when you have to keep ordering more, never mind the information exposure that happens every time that you can’t remember the last company you used.

Checks Unlimited guarantees their commitment to information safety and protection.

There are tons of options to choose from, and places to edit and add your information, and check it and re-check it.

I chose a simple design because I just wanted to get it done, and also I needed something simple in our life at that point.

I loved that I got an email confirmation right away.



The checks came very quickly and I loved the bonus coupons and things they tucked in.


All the checks were printed super clearly and in a really pretty way. I was glad for what I chose, and I appreciated all the boxes that came to store the boxes I wasn’t ready to use yet.


Checks Unlimited still sends me deals and sales on their latest designs and packages. They are not spammy or overwhelming, and the deals really can’t be beat. I stay connected as both a customer and affiliate, because there are always great opportunities to update our needs as they come.

If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to order your next batch of checks for home or business, you can rest easy knowing that Checks Unlimited has got you covered.

Happy ordering!

Photo Checks now available at Designer Checks! Things You Write a Check For

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