Author: Tara Wall | Consider the Fields

I love writing. I find adventures through my every day life with my husband of 18 years, seven children, (one grown and going through wife and motherhood herself, two younger ones being added through foster care and adoption, and the other four biologically, all through the grace of God), and our several businesses that we grow every day looking for community and purpose. I process so much of what we go through by writing it out. It is the hardest and scariest thing I have ever done, because the pieces of my life that are hidden behind closed doors have to be lit up in order for me to share the truths I’ve learned in my latest journey of the moment. I want nothing more than to be an encouragement and light to every soul that I come across every day I draw breath. I hope you can come along with me, and be encouraged and strengthened each day. Welcome to Once Upon A Time... Love, Tara